ALERT! Waste Control Specialists has revived their license application to bring dangerous high-level radioactive waste to Texas from reactors around the country.

The WCS comment period deadline is Oct. 19, 2018. Comments can be sent from this website or be emailed to – More information link:

The deadline to intervene in the license proceedings is Oct. 29, 2018. More information link:

Here is where you can find the Revision 2 documents the company submitted in 2018. WCS has formed a partnership with a French company, ORANO. Together they’re known as Interim Storage Partners, so this name appears as well in these documents.


Say No to Radioactive WasteTexas is at risk from deadly high-level radioactive waste from nuclear reactors around the country that could travel through our major cities by rail, close to homes, schools and businesses, and be dumped on Texas for decades to come.

This waste will remain dangerous for millennia. We can act now to halt this dangerous and unnecessary plan. We must protect our children and future generations from transport accidents, potential sabotage and radioactive contamination. Exposure to radioactivity causes cancers, genetic damage and birth defects and exposure to unshielded spent fuel rods is lethal. We don’t need these risks! We didn’t generate this waste… why should it be dumped on us?

Waste Control Specialists (WCS) and ORANO (together called Interim Storage Partners) seek to store 40,000 tons of high-level radioactive waste in Andrews, Texas. Getting it here would take thousands of rail shipments, occurring over 20 years.

While not in bomb grade form, each rail car would carry as much plutonium as was in the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. The capacity of the WCS site and one proposed for nearby New Mexico would allow for more than twice the volume of nuclear reactor waste produced in the entire country, plus all that will likely be produced in the future.

The WCS public comment period ends October 19th. ACT NOW! Send a comment letter to the NRC here.

A Texas waste storage plan is back. So is the opposition

September 11, 2018

Interim Storage Partners facilityA proposal to send used nuclear fuel to West Texas didn’t end last year, but it did stall during a trip to corporate purgatory.

Now a joint venture called Interim Storage Partners LLC has the plan moving forward again. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission recently restarted its review of a consolidated interim storage application for a site in Andrews County, Texas. And the NRC staff’s safety, security and environmental reviews could be finished in summer 2020.

Critics are worried about what’s brewing. They’re asking questions and hoping for more public meetings. Some would like to halt the project. One of the chief opponents knows the proposal won’t be easy to stop, but she’s working to rally Texans and others against the plan.

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