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TAKE ACTION….Call in to comment at the remaining NRC Public Meetings!
Then send a letter here as well…

Two companies want to import thousands of tons of nuclear reactor waste from around the country, and dump it on Texas and New Mexico! Help stop these dangerous plans, which could result in thousands of dangerous shipments of deadly waste across the country, in a process that would last up to 40 years. Here’s how.



  1. Write to the NRC about WCS’ Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump in Texas
  2. Write to Congress Members about halting Nuclear Waste Dumps and Bad Bills
  3. Faith leader letter to the NRS about WCS’ proposed Nuclear Waste Dump


NRC Oct 1st Meeting NRC Oct 6th Meeting NRC Oct 8th Meeting NRC Oct 15th Meeting

It’s easiest to participate by phone… please call in at
(888) 989-9268
Passcode: 5300047
Remember to press *1 to get into speaker queue

  • 60 Groups to NRC: Suspend ISP/WCS High-Level Radioactive Waste CIS Dump Proceeding, Till Covid-19 Emergency Ends
    Press Release 7/14/20

  • Your Voice Matters – Speak Out in NRC’s Online “Public Meetings” on Radioactive Waste Dumping on Texas

    The NRC has issued the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the nuclear waste storage project proposed for Andrews, Texas. Once again, the NRC has failed to adequately address health and safety concerns, and financial and environmental risks!

  • Read our news release
  • The full-length Draft Environmental Impact Statement can be found here.
  • A 20-page overview is also available here.
  • Nuclear Waste – Texas governor opposes interim storage site, Oct. 1, 2020 Jeremy Dillon E&E News reporter
  • Read Governor Abbott’s Letter to Trump expressing opposition to Consolidated interim Storage in Texas or New Mexico
  • Some Key issues and Risks –

  • This deadly waste should not be shipped across the country to be dumped in the Southwest for decades… perhaps forever.
  • Fails to get the waste into a permanent repository
  • Could hamper efforts to develop less risky storage systems and permanent disposal
  • This waste must be isolated from living things for a million years. Consolidated Interim Storage is a band-aid approach that makes matters worse, not better.
  • It would be massive environmental injustice
  • Health and safety risks from potential contamination
  • Transportation risks – accidents, leaks, sabotage, and even routine transport emissions, which the NRC calls “less than a chest X-ray”
  • Impacts to water, air, soil – WCS site is near the Ogallala Aquifer – the nation’s largest aquifer
  • Financial risks – could cost billions of dollars to remediate contamination
  • Lack of a dry cask transfer facility – so there would be no way to repackage cracked or leaking canisters – leading to dangerous de facto permanent dump sites (true for both the WCS and Holtec proposals)
  • The region has temperature extremes, wildfires, intense winds, flooding – risky for radioactive waste.
  • Earthquakes and radioactive waste don’t mix
  • Impacts to businesses – the Permian Basin region is the largest oil-producing region in the world.
  • Heavy trains, train traffic, lack of safety training and equipment, Lack of full-time paid fire departments in many areas.
  • Consolidated Interim Storage is ILLEGAL under the Nuclear Waste Policy Act…. NRC has no business processing this license application by Waste Control Specialists (WCS) / Interim Storage Partners (ISP) for Texas – or the Holtec application for nearby New Mexico.
  • These inadequate webinars make a mockery of “public meetings”. The NRC must schedule real, in-person public meetings after Covid risks are over – in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Midland and Andrews in Texas and along transport routes across the country. The comment period should remain open until this is accomplished.

  • Factsheet
  • City Rail Maps
  • SEED Coalition/ Public Citizen – previous comments
  • Presentation – Regarding Water Contamination Risks
  • The comment deadline on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Texas’ proposed radioactive waste dump is Nov. 3, 2020.

    Email comments to Reference Docket ID NRC-2016-0231 in your message.

    Federal Register posting:

    *Here’s a link to a related Courthouse News story and Mose Buchele at KUT Radio provided great coverage on this issue today.

    Say No to Nuclear Waste